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Shorts & Bibs

Custom Cycling Shorts and Bib Shorts: Performance and Comfort is always the number one priority.

Totally unique cycling apparel designed for your brand and event that no one else has.


  • If you have a team or club, complete your look.

  • If you have a fundraiser, promote yourself.

  • If you have a store we can teach you to: 


Sell Better Clothing with your Brand name.

YOUR customers are willing to purchase your clothing with your brand. 

They are proud to show the community what tribe they belong to!


Let us show you how you can get better quality with your brand on it.

Developed by cyclists, our shorts and bibs are designed to achieve comfort and optimum stretch during cycling. Stop promoting an inferior product.


The multi-panel construction provides a perfect fit, tailored to your body.

Constructed with advanced lightweight fibers they are for ideal thermal regulation. Feel our fabrics you will understand how our performance apparel helps you brand even after your event.

Built for performance designed for life, this collection marries function, fashion imprinted with your brand in all its beauty. The result will be a totally unique apparel designed to your brand or event that no one else has. A message that stands on its own!


Our chamois / pads from domestic to Italian reduced pressure, and provide extra support and protection in the saddle. 

Crotch panels designed to eliminate chaffing. An important choice to avoid saddle soreness and protection when riding to provide for hours of cycling fun. Your choice of a high density chamois, softer bib straps and leg grippers provide a secure fit that stays in place throughout your ride.