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Shorts & Bibs

Custom Cycling Shorts and Bib Shorts: Performance and Comfort is always the number one priority.

Totally unique cycling apparel designed for your brand and event that no one else has.


  • If you have a team or club, complete your look.

  • If you have a fundraiser, promote yourself.

  • If you have a store we can teach you to: 


Sell Better Clothing with your Brand name.

YOUR customers are willing to purchase your clothing with your brand. 

They are proud to show the community what tribe they belong to!


Let us show you how you can get better quality with your brand on it.

Developed by cyclists, our shorts and bibs are designed to achieve comfort and optimum stretch during cycling. Stop promoting an inferior product.


The multi-panel construction provides a perfect fit, tailored to your body.

Constructed with advanced lightweight fibers they are for ideal thermal regulation. Feel our fabrics you will understand how our performance apparel helps you brand even after your event.

Built for performance designed for life, this collection marries function, fashion imprinted with your brand in all its beauty. The result will be a totally unique apparel designed to your brand or event that no one else has. A message that stands on its own!


Our chamois / pads from domestic to Italian reduced pressure, and provide extra support and protection in the saddle. 

Crotch panels designed to eliminate chaffing. An important choice to avoid saddle soreness and protection when riding to provide for hours of cycling fun. Your choice of a high density chamois, softer bib straps and leg grippers provide a secure fit that stays in place throughout your ride.


No matter what you call it. This new best friend is one of the most useful garments.

The key is having a wardrobe full of versatile clothing and trust us, this will not disappoint.


For those days when you’re not sure if you need a jacket or just a jersey.


Our hyper-light fabric is used to pack down small and stuff into your pocket with ease.

Designed to start your day and carry all the time, "just in case sudden weather change". 


Designed to provide excellent protection against the elements:

Defend your upper body from the wind chill, light mist, sprinkles and road spray, without sacrificing breathability all year round.


Keeping your torso warm even though your arms are still out in the wind can make a big difference to your comfort. (Ask about adding our arm sleeves for more versatility)


The way our fabrics do this:

  • Aero smooth windproof shell with Stretchable armholes trap a layer of air against your body to help keep you warm. Rated @ 77gsm it performs far beyond its weight.

  • Our tech back mesh heat escape system eliminates the boil-in-the-bag effect.

  • Combine with your layer from Life Behind Bars Cycling, this moves sweat away from your body to induce the proper exchange.

  • Proper temperature equalization creates the optimal micro-climate

  • Design features to prevent cold air getting through the zip. This usually comes in the form of either a tapered zipper back flap is implemented in order to prevent skin irritation, or a strip of material which covers over the back of the zipper.

  • 3-pockets included for easy access essentials.


Technical quality features and finer style details: Ask yourself how on earth have you ever lived without it.


Work with our team to choose one that’s best suited to your needs


We design our vest/gilet with various Fabric thickness and level of ventilation.


Vest/Gilets intended for all-day riding in winter are made from thicker fabrics such as softshell or heavier breathable waterproof materials.



  • YKK two-way zipper: Provides additional temperature control allowing for maximum ventilation.

  • Reflective elements.

  • Hem: Silicone injected grippy for an extra secure fit

  • Neck Gaiter:  Multi-functional versatility. Prevent cold air from rushing down your front and much more. 

We are always evolving to help you create the perfect eco-system call us today and let use know your needs.

Arm/Leg Protection

The Arm Sleeves: Specific summer weights are designed to keep you cool and comfortable even on hot days as we start with 25 SPF. Specific construction of materials acts as convection cooling when you sweat and are moving. Hugs your contours, providing a second-skin fit and comfort when in any position.


The BIG TRICK no one tells you about: Wet to create a chilly cool-down as you ride along. After the water evaporates, the arm coolers wick up the sweat from your arms-- as the sweat evaporates, it also creates a chilling effect, though not quite as dramatic as soaking them in cool water. Sprinkling a few drops of water on the arms during a ride can temporarily boost cooling. If you stop sweating repeat as necessary to take the cooling effect to a whole new level.


The Arm Warmers: There are days where a jacket would just be overkill, yet it's still too cold to dress full-on summertime or it might still warm up. For the cooler and colder version of these kind of days, we created our Arm protection series; 0point Zero, 1point Zero and 2point Zero. Our Tech fleece interior with a light loft, pulls moisture away from skin to evaporate it at the material's surface. This loft also has the added benefit of insulation, which occurs by trapping tiny pockets of warmth between the skin and the fabric.


Don't let the idea of creating your own CustomWear scare you. Call or email us today!


Leg warmers: Once you learn to use them in conjunction with arm warmers and coolers your life is complete. Our Fabrics follow the same properties as our arm protection collection


Fit: articulated design that conforms to the various positions and movements to act as a second skin for day long comfort.


Why more and more athletes are recommending this as one of your most underrated accessories:




Sports that include more physical contact or falling on a court, sleeves prevent minor scuffs and abrasions.

Exposed to the elements arm protection sleeves adds a layer of protection against the environment. Hot and Cold. When simply wearing a long-sleeved shirt won't add any inherent benefit.


It's like wearing a sunscreen that helps circulation and improves physical endurance. In addition, you won't have to stop and reapply a coat halfway through your outdoor activity.

Body Temperature Maintenance


In cooler climates keep your arms warm. They also help to keep your body temperature at an optimal level for competition. Our compression sleeves act as arm warmers, but they also act as temperature moderators.

While they help maintain warmth during cool days, they also act as a cooling mechanism for extreme heat. Wearing arm sleeves has a twofold benefit associated with body temperature. They help to keep your body from overheating or being too cold.


Sleeves act as arm warmers on cool days, while providing a cooling sensation during intense heat. They dramatically improve blood circulation, which helps maintain body temperature and reduce muscle tension. Each of these benefits will collectively enhance endurance.


Arm Protection, Arm Warmers, Arm Cooler, Leg Warmer, Sun UV Protection,


Arm and Leg Protection: The staple of any athletic apparel arsenal to help cope with changing weather. Fight the morning chill, protect against sun exposure or use as convection cooling to reduce overheating.


Sports that lend themselves to falls. This is the perfect prevention to scuffs and scrapes.


Easy-on, easy-off flexibility and storage: For days when changing temps and the need for UPF protection make dressing appropriately a challenge.


Different levels of Arm and Leg protection:  From convection cooling to several levels of warmers including our new technical fleece lined for the ultimate in warmth and comfort. Also be used as a base layer.