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E-Sports Jerseys

E-Sports Custom Hand Crafted Performance Apparel designed for gamer athletics.

We use our background of outfitting teams across the world with true performance fabrics to help you create your own brand, custom for you!


Create a complete line of gear for your team:


You worked hard creating your image and brand:

We help you build an apparel program that represents you. 

Promote your team in the manner befitting to how you live your life. IN FULL COLOR!

We offer:

  • No minimums.

  • Better fabrics.

  • Better pricing options.

  • Unlimited colors No upcharge.

  • Unlimited sizes No up charge. (even custom)

  • Unlimited locations you can print. No Restrictions.

  • Picture-perfect reproduction of your artwork, logo.

  • Human Billboards get noticed and specialty fabrics insure retention

Fabrics is where we excel:

Sourcing the best fabrics across the world we create performance apparel to meet your specific demands. Our years of designing athletic wear gives your team signature branding gear that is distinct with the lasting impression it deserves.


This is why we are proud to offer the Gamers Tech Jersey. In a true performance fabric, based around the techniques and materials used in our athletic apparel to provide all day comfort.


Technique is where you stand out and you work hard for it:

The way you feel improves focus, endurance and brings out your best performance. 

Producing highly technical custom apparel is as complicated as clothing manufacturing gets.

We create patterns that function at the uppermost levels. 


You win as this knowledge allows us to manufacture apparel at your specific price points and providing fabrics combinations you would never be exposed to.

Let us know what your what your specific needs are Call now


100% made-to-order!

We work to bring your unique design ideas to life and sew each handcrafted piece with professional grade techniques. These processes ensure you get the highest standards and amazing quality!

We do this for every single order no matter how small to offer premium quality at a the most competitive pricing.


E-Sports CustomWear is designed to build on your brand’s compelling story, unique character and identity that cannot be reproduced or replicated. (This is not a template that other teams have that you are told to add your name. UGH)



The more you know the better we look. (compare)


Athletic Performance Fabric. (APF)

Handcrafted to guarantee exceptional quality, durability, and feel.

Soft, Breathable, Moisture Wicking with a Lightweight Stretch to provide the perfect fit.

Designed to draw sweat away from the skin and push moisture outward where it can dissipate to dry quickly.



Clothing that can go from athletic event to all-day wear.

Wrinkle-resistant, UV protection makes for good traveling and all-day comfort.



  • Two Sleeve design. (The General (Raglan), The Captain (Set-In)

  • You choose between 2 fabric combinations. 


(The All-Round Gamer)

Chest > Tech Fabric: Micro Channel Tight Weave: aka Small Shearing straws Tech #1a @140gsm:
Back, Arms, & Collar > Tech Fabric: Mini Cooling Compartments aka Large Channel straws #5@135gsm:


(The High Temp Mesh-Weight)

Chest & Collar > Tech Fabric: Micro Pore Drain Mesh: Pores draw out moisture to create optimal breathability: Tech # 17 @ 120gsm:
Back, & Arms > Tech Fabric: Drain Mesh Speed: Large Pore Cooling Compartments: Pulls moisture to the edge Tech #18 @160gsm:


Additional details:

  • Articulated performance collar.

  • Tag less label.

  • Collar binding.

  • Different cuts to choose from.



  • Three/quarter sleeve

  • Long sleeve

  • Additional fabric choices

  • Customize size modification.

Think of us as your family to the amazing world of performance apparel:


We Believe in Beauty.

We have a strong aesthetic feeling.

We know exactly what it means to feel comfy and confident.

We get inspiration from nature and the tradition of the past with today’s technologies and add a pinch of graphic and industrial design.

We try to maintain the attitude of doing beautiful things that work. That you will fall in love with.


The E-Sports CustomWear brands are created to best reflects who you are; and how you want to be perceived. ​As it all starts with distinctive personality which is you and your brand. 


From the athletes demanding world class apparel to the weekend warrior, we are here to serve.


That is why we love what we do.

In today’s visual world, Think of your branding as limited editions works of art.

Our methodology of advanced 'thermal processing' binds the color to the fibers at the molecular level to produce full-color, photo-quality digital reproductions.


Why is this important?


  • The entire article of clothing is your canvas for artwork; back, front, sleeves, and collar.

    • Imagine, running a bolt of fabric through the accuracy of a digital printer to fully cover every square inch of your apparel. Then we laser cut it and sew it together. This is manufacturing from the ground up.


  • Make your artwork pop! Italian inks ensure detailed, vibrant colorfast graphics.

    • The print WILL NOT wash-out, fade, peel or deteriorate.

    • This gives your branding artwork the punch it deserves.


  • Physical properties of our performance fabrics remain technical as intended.

    • Soft, Breathable, Moisture Wicking with a Lightweight Stretch to provide the perfect fit.


  • Designed to draw sweat away from the skin.

    • These fabrics push moisture outward where it can dissipate to dry quickly.

    • The result; clothing with all-day comfort helping to keep the wearer happy.

    • (NO sweaty rubber silk screen hot spots to stick on your body)


  • Use as may colors as you like without up-charges. 

    • Unlike the silk screen rubberized patch that charges you per color.

Built for performance designed for life, this collection marries function and fashion imprinted with your brand in all its glory.

Remember these are Handcrafted one-off custom builds specifically for you.

Call now and let us know what your specific needs are.

Learn more about: Old school methods to stay away from.

  • Beware of embroidery or silk screen rubber patch

  • Embroidery puckers the fabric.

  • Restricts size and color choice. (No CMYK color match)

  • Requires bulky backing that itches.

  • Silk screen creates hot spots.

  • Bottom line this does not pass as athletic apparel.

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