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What makes our process much better than Silk screen or Embroidery?


Educate yourself on your next Silk Screen or Embroidery project for your bespoke bike wear. Think twice before you make the mistake of going old school method again:


  • Silk screen use’s cotton or basic polyester.

    • This method creates a hot spot or sticky point on the body. (Worst yet, silk screen company’s sell you their closeout deals)

  • Silk screen and embroidery limits, your artwork reproduction.

    • Detail is a facsimile of your artwork. Not a true reproduction.

  • Limitations of where can you silk screen and embroider on your apparel?

    • You can only use small predetermined boxed areas (Also called patches). Review restricted areas that you are only allowed to silk screen or embroider. See below locations limited to silk screen.

  • EXTRA / hidden costs you don’t know about. Until it is too late!

    • Additional art locations. Additional Colors cost extra. Additional set-up fees. (Ask them to do back, chest, sleeves and collar. See how much they charge)

  • Silk screen and embroidery limits, color choices.

    • (Ask them to do more than 4 colors? Additional charge per color, size and screen).

  • Silk screen feels more like a rubber textured patch.

    • It looks like a label or last-minute sticker. Worst yet it creates a HOT spot that will stick to your body.

  • Embroidery will pucker on Performance Fabrics.

  • Silk Screen will crack, fade, flake and peel.

  • Will you require an underlay or under base charge? Make sure you ask if you will need this and why.

    • The underlay is a layer of white ink that is laid down under your design. It allows colors to appear as vibrant or true to the art concept as possible. (Ask what happens if you omit this)


Research these drawbacks when you create your next silk screen or embroidery project.

Don’t let this happen to you: Call us and find out how we can help.



Our Process Artwork can go anywhere, No Limits:


Your canvas is the whole garment; Back, Front, Sleeves, and Collar.


Cover every square inch with art.


Italian inks ensure high definition detailed & vibrant colorfast graphics.


The physical properties of our fabrics remain technical as intended.


Soft, Breathable, Moisture Wicking with a Lightweight Stretch to provide the perfect fit.

We believe that an educated customer is our best friend!


SO BEWARE: If of any company that says to accept these imperfections!!! (see below)

Or they say. “It is part of the charm and are not considered mistakes”.



· Expect imperfections around seams and folds. Voids in the print are most common in the arm pit area of the shirts.

· They only do one side. A Single-Sided Print and the bare garment color on the non-printed side.


· Smudges & White Streaks near edges, seams and collars are normal? (see picture below).


· You must Design Within These Limitations by strategically placing patterns or graphics near problem areas.

· Shifting On Press up to 2″ is normal. Prints are not able to be aligned front-to-back.

· Multiple Templates. Include print files for every garment size in your order. Garments do not size-up evenly.

· Expect some voids in the print around the seams and shoulder areas.

· Keep these limitations in mind when designing your all over prints.


There is no excuse for producing a product with these limitations. (see additional images below). We cannot believe these horror stories that we hear. The T Shirt printers tell the customers that this is part of the process and is to be accepted.


Again, we say NO, NO, NO!


Don't accept this. Know the method of what your printer is using.

Call us with any questions

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